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Studio Suonto

Studio Suonto Oy is an architecture office specializing in wood architecture and the development of industrial timber construction processes. We emphasize innovation in our construction concepts, structural design and architecture. We are especially interested in the ecological design and the principles and goals of sustainable architecture.

We have extensive experience in designing and renovating public buildings, research institutes and residential buildings. Our services include also interior design and exhibition design.

Timber construction

Ecological and sustainable wood architecture
using industrial processes

In our design projects we have developed new innovative wood construction processes using prefabricated dimentionally accurate components and elements. We have participated in numerous product development projects in collaboration with the Finnish wood product industry. Our partners include Engineering Office Kaitila Oy, UPM Advanced Wood Oy, Stora Enso Timber R&D, Finnforest Oy and Teknos Oy.

The wooden post and beam building system Timbeco is one of our innovations. Timbeco is based on relatively light and small constructive elements enabling flexible design and variety of building types – from detached houses up to 8-storey buildings.

Read more about our Timbeco system
        (pdf, 273 kt)

Read more about P3, the research pre-study of wooden post
        and beam systems

        (pdf, 97 kt)


Broad Expertise

Innovative furniture design

In our furniture design we have concentrated on wooden furniture and lamps. We have also created innovative furniture series, investigating various manufacturing methods as well as suitability of different wooden materials, such as thermo-wood, for production.

Public buildings

Our main area of interest in architecture has been the design of day care centres and schools as well as their combinations, so called multi-purpose buildings. Our clients include among others the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. For the University of Helsinki we have designed research institutes and their renovations and expansions.

Research and product development

Wooden post and beam building system Timbeco
Research and design project, 2010-2011

P3, wooden post and beam building systems
Preliminary report for the development project, HUT 2009-2010

External cladding element development project,
Stora Enso Timber R&D 2008-2009

LTM Arbora – plywood and aluminium façade products,
LTM Company Oy, Teknos Oy, 2009

K36, wooden building system for multi-storey apartment buildings
Research and design project, UPM Advanced Wood, 2007

K18, lightweight structure system for DIY building
Research and design project, UPM Advanced Wood, 2006-2007


Architectural design

The alteration of the gym facilities at the administration building of the Helsinki University
Helsinki, 2006 3 220 m2
Hösmärinpuisto school and day-care center
Espoo, 2005 3 300 m2
K-institute seminar rooms and living quarter alteration and renovation
Espoo, 2005 1 500 m2
Pohjois-Tapiola elementary school and high school renovation and expansion
Espoo, 2003 5 840 m2
The renovation of the Lammi Biological Station of the Helsinki University
Lammi, 2003 3 070 m2
Kannisto day-care and child health care center
Vantaa, 2003 1 520 m2
Kimara day-care center and residential premises
Vantaa, 2001 1 250 m2


6 awards in public architecture competitions
1 award in a design competition